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    appliances, lighting, hardware decoration products attached to install screw, nut, ect.

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Product description:

(一) Features:-新葡京8535.com

     1, vibration plate is mainly composed of hopper, chassis, controller, linear feeder, etc

     2, automatic sorting, detection and counting packaging.

     3, advanced packaging microcomputer controller, excellent man-machine dialogue mode, make speed, bag length, cutting point position detection can be displayed on the interface.

     4, cross sliding type sealing structure, can adjust up and down the center of the transverse sealing height.

     5, imported color code detector, make the color code detection more accurate checker, straight grain, vertical stripes type sealing was selected.





                 型号(Type)                               HDL-N60
包装数目(Meter method)

1个-12个,有限数粒(1-12, unlimited number of grains)

袋少(mm): (Bag size)                                  40-80mm
袋宽(mm):(Bag wide)                           40-100mm
生产能力(packaging speed)                          20-70bag/min
总功率(瓦):(Power)                             2.4KW
净重(公斤):(Weigth)                            500KG
包装材料-澳门新葡京(2885):(Packaging materials)


      (PE film, sheet film, composite membrane



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