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    Suitable for automatic packaging of various kinds of leavened food,candies,peanuts,seeds and such materials in grain or piece as well as powder like milk powder,washing powder,starch,etc.

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Product description:



1, New design with perfect fashing,more reasonable structure,more advanced technology.

2, Imported PLC control system,colorful touch screen,easy operation,intuit-ionistic and efficient.

3, Standard positioning with imported servo film tran sporting system and mark 

    sensor,superexcellent capability for complete machine perfect packaging.

4, With auto warning protection function to minimize loss.

5, With double transporting devices,angle fold devices and retainer devices,function more 


6 ,Various kinds of bag, it could provide the hang hole bag,linkbag,ect.

7, Automatic correct function,save time,labor,and film,the operation more intelligent.

8, Adopt gas-pressure shaft clamping film structure.film setting be more easy and quick.






          型号(Type)              HDL-900            HDL-1050
薄膜宽度(Film width)           560-900mm          620-1050mm
造袋长度(Bag length)          100-600mm          100-800mm
造袋宽度(Bag width)           260-430mm           290-505mm
膜卷直径(Film roll diameter)           Max.400mm           Max.400mm
计量局限(Range of measurement)               1-25L               1.5-45L
包装速度(packaging speed)          5-20Bag/min             5-20Bag/min
电源规格(power)    220V50/60Hz4.5KW       220V50/60Hz5.0KW
机械尺寸(machine size) (L)2305*(W)1685*(H)2725mm (L)2900*(W)2050*(H)3300mm
机械重量(weight)         About 1200kg            About 1500kg





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