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    Suitable for pesticide agent, shampoo, bath liquid, cream, seasoning oil, jam, tomato sauce, honey and other liquid materials.

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Product description:


     1. In both Chinese and English display control system, stainless steel case, just at the display setting unit set the parameters (filling amount bag length, etc.), control system will automatically optimize match the actions, so as to achieve the best packing speed.

     2. Stable dual light source photoelectric check system, assuring complete logo of the packaging bags.

     3. The intelligent temperature control instrument control. Automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing, batch number, cut off and counting, etc. All the work, using three or four edge sealing edge sealing double-side heating heat sealing mode.




机械型号(Machine model)

计量局限(Meter method)                              1-50ml
造袋尺寸(Bag size)           (L)30-50mm (W)25-100mm
包装速度(Packaging speed)                         40-60bag/min
功率(power)                              1.5KW
启口型状(Shape of sealed bags)

               三边启               四边启

   (3 edges sealing  4 edges sealing )

重量(Weight)                        About 225KG
外形尺寸(Extermal demensions)             (L)640*(W)700*(H)1580
计量法(Filler type)                   活塞式(Pistion type)


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