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    Suitable for the batch paking without pallet of biscuit ect.

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Product description:



     1.   Work easily with positive quality and capability stabilization.

     2.   With frequency control,continuous change,photoelectric delection and two way               

             dogging,caneliminate   availably the packing error.

     3.   Controled assembly by PLC to reduce the trouble spot.

     4.   Have fixing motor s age function and can prevent availably the scalding film when the engine cut out .

     5.   Adopt the reversal dogging to raise the precision and ensure the cutting precision,avoid wasting               the packing  material.

      6.   Leaving out the box,decreasing the pollution,saving the cost.




                     Type                          HDL-450DT-8535.com
                 Film width                            Max.450mm
                 Bag length                           130-450mm
              Product width                           30-70mm-新葡京网址投注
             Prouduct  height                                                   30-65mm
             Film roll diameter                                                   Max.320mm
               Pakaging  rate                                               30-70bag/min
                    Power                      220v 50/60Hz 3KW
                Machine size               (L)5520*(W)820*(H)1400mm
              Machine  weight                                                   About 10000KG


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